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Updated July 2014:
a few changes in our
'best albums of 2010-2020'

or check out our
'Best of 2014' page.

For the former Blestyashchie and Via-Gra members we have added lists of singles released to their soloists bio pages.

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The Buzz - October 3, 2014

Welcome to in October 2014 !
It has been a busy few weeks for cleaverb; we are working on some new music! You can listen to the latest 'demo' of our current work at soundcloud . We had hoped to do more but our schedule has been filled..
Since our last update, we have a bunch of 'goodies' , starting with: Serebro - Ne Nado Bolnee,
Ani Lorak - Medlenno, Inna - Tell Me, Inna - Body and the Sun,
former Vig-Gra members Eva Bushmina - Nelzya Pomenyat, Olga Romanskaya - Muzika,
DaBuzz - Bring Back the Summer,
Vera Brezhneva - Devochka Moya which is also on soundcloud at Vera - Devochka Moya ,
Tina Karol - Mi Ne Ostanemsya Druzami, and a remake of Lobodas' Smotrish v Nebo.
Hopefully we will have more to share with you in the future! Have a great day!

The pop-up ad for free webhosting is from our host, we haven't tried the service.
Also, there have been a few Ddos attacks in our IP range, so if you can't access, come back tomorrow, duh!


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