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Updated July 2014:
a few changes in our
'best albums of 2010-2020'

or check out our
'Best of 2014' page.

For the former Blestyashchie and Via-Gra members we have added lists of singles released to their soloists bio pages.

This page is completely created by cleaverb !


The Buzz - July 15, 2014

Welcome to in July 2014 !

Congratulations Germany on their FIFA win! Le Tour de France is going strong, and we would like to give a thumbs up(!) to Sochi, Russia for entertaining us all with a fabulous
XXII Olympic Games, Sochi 2014 .

Hello and welcome back! These days, we just watch it all happen on facebook :
we would strongly suggest you find your favorite artists there, and "like" them to follow their activities. That means, open their page, and click on the box that says "Like" , when a checkmark appears in that box, you are following them.

Ace Of Base has a link on their page to download remixes of All That She Wants ,
Despina Vandi has a link to Kalimera summer dance mix,
DaBuzz have been busy making a comeback with their new single "The Moment I Found You"
- like their page and you will find free downloads of the song,
If you haven't heard , D'sound   are back on stage,
Elena Risteska checks in occasionally,
E-type (Maartin) always has some great photos and stories to tell,
Helena Paparizou will have a new video out,presumably for Survivor
Anna Semenovich has a few photos,earlier this year Taksi
Hooverphonic have a new album Reflection: one single is Ether ,
Inna frequently checks in with some cheerful posts or a photo,
check out her single Have A Good Time or her popular Cola Song,
Kalomoira has been playing a few shows,
Kate Ryan checks in with photos,
Kenza Farah has a new single "Briser les chaînes"
the knife have links to several remixes,
Tatiana Kotova and her new single Vse_budet_tak_kak_hochesh_ti
Loboda just added some colorful photos,Smotrish v Nebo,
Medina just can't get enough sun,
Schiller has some recent photos,
Serebro continue to bring a sensational view of their life with colorful photos, Ya Tebya Ne Otdam,
Stoja has uploaded some fine,recent photos,
Tal continues to tour yet takes time out for a Stevie Wonder concert,
Yulia Kovalchuk always has a photo or two, new video,
Yulia Savicheva just uploaded many photos of a recent concert, video for Nevesta,
Kristina Orbakaite has a vacation after her tour,
Tereza Kerndlova always brings a ray of sunshine with her photos, the mafia corner video,
Tina Karol has recent photos,Udalyayus,
TWiiNS continue to have success with their latest single One Night Stand,
Vera Brezhneva has some recent photos,Luna
Via Gra have some photos of their new look,Y Menya Poyavilsia Drugoy,
Via-Gra just did a show at Klub Krystal last night, hopefully there will be photos(!),
and do not forget to catch up with Gisela !

Yes, we are redecorating. I have had this style ready since February, yet we couldn't get logged in to the site. So finally 5 months later we get logged in and tada(!), most of the pages are now in the current style!


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